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It's okay if you don't know everything

Under a week until I fail the LSAT. Well...not entirely true. No such thing as failing it, per se. Under a week until I don't do well enough on the LSAT. I'd be satisfied if I could raise my score about 11 points. That doesn't sound like a whole lot, but the possible scores range from 120 to 180, so given the 60 point range, 11 points is kind of a lot.

Anyone else think it's fucking stupid that there were lines outside of stores forming overnight for black Friday sales and that people got stampeded over a lousy fucking "bargain deal pri$ce!1!!lolzOMG!!!11!!@!" I'm glad people enjoy Christmas. Really. I am. When I was little, I was especially jealous of the kids who celebrated both Christmas AND Hannukah. But this fucking nonstop commercial bullshit that's become associated with it must go. Also? Christmas season should be contained to December, or at the very least, AFTER Thanksgiving. Christmas music shouldn't be playing, and there shouldn't be Christmas decorations up, or the Santa throne in the mall BEFORE HALLOWEEN. /rant

I did absolutely nothing today. I was even invited out to go do stuff with a few different people. Granted, one set of those was my parents, and another was my brother and his friends. I turned everyone down, including my own friends. Why? Because I'm a lazy asshole. I didn't even do anything constructive with my time, like devise methods of world domination, or, y'know, working on raising my LSAT score 11 points. "What, then, DID you do today, Paul?" I hear you ask, hypothetically. I wasted a day, as I often do. I watched some TV, played some FFVI, and dinked around online, in varying order. That was really about it.

I really wish I was anywhere else.

I really wish I was anyone else.

Why you gotta act like you know when you don't know?
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