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"Move Aside and Let the Man go Through"

Not much new, really, although I finally got out a little bit. Friday the preview show was cancelled because of weather, so I got an extra half hour of sleep, and we spent the day rehearsing more instead. The director needed to work a bit later than most of the rest of us, but had said we should all go out to dinner afterwards. So I was hanging out in the green room, waiting for them to come get me, because when he got back, he wanted to give notes to the actors. The stage manager, who was going to meet up with us later had been leaving before everyone else because she needed to buy a new phone first, but she told everyone I was in the green room and not to leave without me. Guess what? They left without me. Fortunately, someone who wasn't going and hadn't left yet knew where they were headed, so I was able to meet up with them. After dinner we went and got S'mores at Cosi's, and the waiter liked us so much that he "forgot" to put the s'mores on the bill, and bought them for us. So we gave him a huge tip, plus a couple of comps to the show. Saturday we had a preview as well as our official opening...both went pretty well. There was a reception after the opening...I hate those kinds of things, but I hung out through it, because then we all went out, grabbed a drink, and then met up with one of the underage cast members and his family at a restaurant and had dinner. Many of the people involved in the show are really cool, but I'm not so sure many of them like me that much. show again until this Friday. Last night I hung out a little with alsowik and some of his crew, and we watched Matchstick Men. And that...that's pretty much been it. Whee.

And so I leave you with these memes:
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intelligence and you are a natural diplomat,
you can convince people to do what you want
them to do. Your weakness is that you sometimes
think more with your head than with your heart
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