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Nobody Ever Suspects The Butterfly

Not All Robots Respect The Rules

6 January
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I hate bios.
8-bit theater, abbot and costello, acting, afro celt sound system, akira kurosawa, anime, art, art blakey, assassins, bach, billie holiday, billy joel, black adder, blade runner, blondie, camus, cats, cecil b. demented, charles mingus, charlie daniels band, chinese films, christopher guest, clue, counting crows, cradle will rock, cynicism, dangerous liaisons, dave brubeck, david ives, directing, don hertzfeldt, dragon half, duke ellington, eddie izzard, edgar allan poe, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, family guy, fencing, film, film noir, films, final fantasy, foreign films, gipsy kings, greek mythology, grieg, guy ritchie, h:lots, hank mobley, hitchcock, homicide, homicide:life on the street, improv, james bond, japan, japanese films, jazz, jimmie's chicken shack, joe lauinger, john coltrane, kafka, karl denson, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kill bill, la confidential, labyrinth, law and order, lewis black, literature, louis armstrong, mel brooks, miles davis, moe., monty python, movies, moxy fruvous, muppets, mythology, ninjas, norse mythology, orioles, paul giamatti, plunkett and macleane, radio free vestibule, rashomon, redskins, sarah lawrence college, sarcasm, seven samurai, shakespeare, smashing pumpkins, sound design, sports night, stage management, strindberg and helium, subterranean homesick blues again, swords, terry pratchett, the beatles, the big lebowski, the cure, the dark crystal, the greyboy allstars, the jazz messengers, the magnificent seven, the postal service, the princess bride, the producers, the real inspector hound, the simpsons, the smiths, the sopranos, the spanish prisoner, the trial, the usual suspects, theatre, thelonious monk, tom stoppard, toshiro mifune, waiting for guffman, washington area sports teams, zhang ziyi